Who We Are.

We offer highly specialized Computer Vision and Machine Learning consulting and development services. We work with innovative companies facing complex technological challenges in need of solutions with a significant R&D component.

Our Process.

We use agile processes for development, which we consider absolutely necessary to quickly and efficiently advance to our client's goals, keeping stakeholders in the loop and aligned.

Our Approach.

We staff our projects with highly-qualified professionals, including experienced engineers, MScs and PhDs with a proven track record.

Our Goal.

To continually and strategically grow our knowledge and customer base, working on projects that apply and push the state of the art forward.

Our Mission.

To develop innovative and challenging solutions in our area of expertise by leveraging the specialized knowledge of our team members.

Our Senior Team.

Our company is led by experts in the field, passionate for the projects we work on.

Alvaro Pardo, PhD

Alvaro is an expert in Data Analysis, Signal and Image Processing. His fields of expertise are Image and Video Restoration, applications of Pattern Recognition and Data Analysis. Alvaro has more than 15 years of experience managing R&D projects and has published more than 40 articles in international peer reviewed journals and conferences.

Adrián Márques, MSc MBA

Adrián has a master's degree in Computer Vision and Machine Learning from ENS Cachan (France), where he graduated with highest honors in 2010, and an MBA for tech companies from ORT Uruguay (2017). He has more than 15 years of experience in software development, most of which he has worked on R&D and innovation projects involving image and video processing, computer vision and machine learning.

Javier Preciozzi, PhD

Javier received his PhD from UdeLaR, with specialization in satellite image processing (2016, Uruguay). He has a master's degree in Computer Vision and Machine Learning from ENS Cachan (France, 2005) and a master's degree in Computer Science (Uruguay, 2006). He has been involved in image processing, computer vision and machine learning projects since 2004. His main interests are satellite image processing and biometrics, with several articles published on these topics.


Focused on computer vision and machine learning, we work with our customers across industries and technologies. Check out some of our past and ongoing projects that may interest you:

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